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Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Testing Testing Log In IPB

For the first time, the IPB in 2009 this will open the path of acceptance of new students Invitation Test Log In IPB (UTM-IPB). This is delivered by the Rector of IPB, Dr. Ir. Herry Suhardiyanto, M. Sc while providing graduation ceremony speech in the Phase II Academic Year 2008/2009 Wednesday (25 / 2) at the Graha Widya Darmaga IPB Campus graduation.

"Test Program Invitation Sign In IPB (UTM-IPB) is based on leadership and entrepreneurship. This needs to be done in order to encompass 200-300 prospective students who have interests and talents are in high leadership and entrepreneurship to be incused become a scholar-graduates who tanggguh, candidates and leaders of the nation. "He explained.

This path is not intended as specific line-path with the expensive cost of entry, because IPB akan find scholarship funds for students who meet academic requirements but can not afford it economically.

This is related to IPB's responsibility as one of the leading universities in Indonesia are required to always provide high quality human resources to address various problems of the nation at this time.

"People we still have a fundamental problem in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship. In addition to the lack of figure-figure lead in the various organizations / community groups, we also faced the problem of not growing the business at least as adequate number of entrepreneurs, "he said. (

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