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Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Map of the Future

PetaMasaDepan is a dream at the same time a great sorrow-ita akan future. He designed a house for his life in 1001 for the birth of a nation. PetaMasaDepan a space to work.

dream of a million have been written in neat draft. PetaMasaDepan and a big project to realize. PetaMasaDepan officially born and raised by Adi Bahri Dzikrulloh. The size of the dream is to have an institution.

And precisely PetaMasaDepan to be the choice.
PetaMasaDepan is a company engaged in the field of consulting, environment, agriculture, widespread, advertising and publishing, and the development of human resources. PetaMasaDepan have the vision, mission, and goals that will be the reference move. With so PetaMasaDepan akan appear as independent professional institution.

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I am [Adi Dzikrullah Bahri] a student of Faculty of Forestry [Major Silviculture, Forest Fire Minor] Bogor Agricultural University. Daily activities but study is as President PetaMasaDepan Development Manager. Hubungi saya di facebook: petamasadepan [at] yahoo [dot] com.
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