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Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Has the Future Leaders

Indonesia shortly enter phase is set.On 9 April as a gateway that will determine where the nation will be taken. Election to be a way to determine a range that will occupy the seats that diamanahkan by the people.

Many candidates appear to offer themselves to be a leader. All appear as expectation, and the confluence of the nation. Both figures are a young (new) figure or older (older) who have much in the way in the world politics of the nation.
Expected from the fact that elections can be obtained a leadership style that will be able to bring the nation better. Leaders who can bring a new era. That is an era of intellectual country.

With the rise of an intellectual or thought, capable of carrying a bangkitnya of science. The resurrection is what science can make a more advanced nation, beradap, and society.

Few predict history. Nation with a big east able to present system is wrong because of a system in accordance with existing law (see sharia). This system is supported by the government that noble. So that is able to stimulate the minds of intellectuals and intellectual.

With such knowledge to be developed rapidly. Consequences that the nation is found to be more successful and in this condition the term "rahmatan lil alamin" form.

Back to the beloved nation of Indonesia, the nation should be far more able to become a great nation. Condition is to build an era, the era of intellectual.

As described above. Resurrection fishing intellectual capable citizens to be more forward thinking. . So that the resulting products have a high value of benefits, whether the product is real (product) or imaginary (service).

Matters such as this is the responsibility of all. But the existence of a leader is the determination of all that will happen. Indonesia should have a leader who is able to stimulate all citizens to become the intellectual.

Election at this time have an important role to create things like this. The success of the election did not count the number of voters who participate in this festival. But leaders of the Proposed Election process itself. It is expected that the election of leaders who can put forth, in the sense of trust, Siddiq, fatonah, and tablig. So that the process to become a nation with the rise of civil intellectual can form.

Diposting oleh: Adi Dzikrullah Bahri

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