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Senin, 17 November 2008

Review From IPB Fair Held Successfully

I'm student in Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ). When IPB Dies Natalis, many program successfully. One of programs is IPB Fair Held. Okey, in site I write about this program. This article I got in

Friday - October 31, 2008

Vice Rector of Business and Communication, Dr.Ir. Arif Imam Suroso, M.Sc., opened the IPB Fair entitled "The Role of IPB in Developing National Convergence Towards Food Security, Energy, and National Independence", Thursday (30/10) at IPB International Convention Center, IPB Baranangsiang Campus, Bogor. The Vice Rector was accompanied by the Director of Business and Network Dr. Ir. Meika Syahbana Rusli, MSc.Agr. and Head of Subdirectorate of Business Analysis, Ir. Lusi Fauzia, M.Ec.

In his welcome speech, Dr. Arif said that IPB Fair is the event to encourage the community to love the agriculture. "Through the spirit of 28 October, we will embrace the national independence by loving the agriculture together," said him.

The opening ceremony was started by Sundanese cultural ceremony brought by UKM Gentra Kaheman. One of them was roled as Ki Lengser, who walked the Vice Rector to the stage. The Vice Rector then hit the gong to indicate the opening of IPB Fair. Ki Lengser was successfully invited the audience's laughter by his funny behaviour.

IPB Fair contains various events, such as seminar, alumni corner, technology corner, consultation corner, product champion corner, construction corner, exhibition, and photo gallery. The exhibitors came from various faculties in IPB, research centers, directorates, alumni, and private companies. (nm)

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