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Minggu, 16 November 2008

Being a leader is not a Trustee

I question with a friend. "According to the dynamics of how you turn a leader?" I think, to guess path will be made by my friend.

Wira Ari Ardana, yes it is my friend. A campus activists have crosswise in the world of national politics.But really, even though he was an activist, its existence is not so popular than MBF Chairman, President and BEM KM exampling.

"A fact that I face today. When we conduct a kebebasa, freedom, and democracy to this nation. But on the other hand, we have dibutakan by the fact that there is. "Funds to my complaint.

That seklumit from an existing reaita. Actually, our environment in many student movement. Or more opportune is the name of students. But only a few that have been included in the list of absolutely known by the student or others. Issues such as this often is in effect in every discussion.peoples problems, the nation, and Indonesia's system of governance.But little is moving directly on the level of people.

Back to the beginning, my friends continue funding question. "Adi not you ever think, is actually a power and leadership of the things that we should perjuangkan or simply trust?" Serious once mimik Fund. "what, and" I'm still trying to find the groove thoughts Fund.

Funds are very good at providing an understanding of and lessons to colleagues the discussions. Often, he explained that an understanding and ideas through contra. Yes it is my friend, Dana, who is in asingkan by other people.

"I want to nominate themselves to become President of the BEM KM." Earlier one voice Fund. "Continuous" I continue to provoke him. "Yes you how I would go forward.What is this I consider you the power of lust or the other? Please answer, and give consideration crew. "Slang Medannya add discussion of our seriousness.

Funds have the experience of movement that is very broad. He moves in the student movement of the external campus.So its existence is not known for our campus.Nevertheless, the Fund is to understand the atmosphere of students and political movements is our campus.

While drinking coffee, I discuss it with a long talk Fund. Being a leader is a choice. Being a leader is not merely a trustee. The leader is a choice.

Why do I dare to declare a leader is a choice that must be? We all must understand that we really created is not another is to become a leader, or caliph anomalouswave ARD.

A leader has a strategic position.That is a position that can propel a community become better. A leader has the vision that large. Our Vision is to make these groups, in this case the BEM KM to a group that better. To achieve this required a strong leader who has the vision and mission for both these groups.

When someone knows a system that has been damaged, the damage is required to be changed into a system that better. And a very good position to change a system is to become a leader.

Furthermore, when the road to becoming a leader we can do, to become the leader should be. That is the goal that we can bring an holy mission to provide e changes the better. If we do not have the desire to be good, then do not have the desire to lead. Because the responsibility of a leader is to make the people or the people better, in other tasks wajibnya run all the thinking and program.

From the above it, then we will be aware.To be a leader is not merely a trustee.Being a leader is a choice that must be. Thus, we will be able to bring good ideas and changes in the system that will be led.

But that must be considered is a leader in a very wrong if we act blind. Being a leader is a choice, does not mean that a desire for attitude control. But an option to bring a change. Step into this is that leaders must be observed.

The beginning of all this is a choice that must be diusakan. But if we do not selected, we must remain legowo, receive. And if we have been declared to be a leader, said that this time we are given by the people's trust. And this trust is the result of the options that we select the election.And are required to run the trust that was given by the people.

So once again, become a leader not just a trustee. Being a leader is a choosing that should be sought. Because of a leader with this, we can change the system to become a better, and become leaders with this mindset, we can provide the best for the people.

Discussions with my end we Danapun. Wall clock shows the exact reverse of the needle in two digits, and needle length in the number 12. Hopefully, what we have discussed for the benefit of this nation.

Further to the discussion:

Adi Dzikrullah Bahri
Students Fahutan IPB
Indonesian Islamic Students Movement (PMII Komisariat IPB)
Agency spiritual Islamic Students (BKIM IPB)

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