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Senin, 01 September 2008

Resensi" My Future Map"

I have once read Future Map Book me, Hayadin's opus. Severely spektakuler. I pretending to find inspiration and new aspiration.

That aspiration actually have available of little. But maybe haven't most expose. And afters reads my Future Map, I progressively steady to dig up my dream.

Maybe at posting this i am attach, correct it I look for posting about my Future Map. And Thank God I gets it. Its more okay safe enjoy devoting from me. YES SPIRIT...

This post from:


Come into the world and deceased be two tips of human life time poles. Man fills two that pole with medley activity sort. Human activity is popular the most is learned and working ”( Hayadin. M. Pd. Writer Binds Books my Future Map)

The rising generation future and Indonesia student is still is hard to be predicted as what and who. It visually of sets chaotic system.

Hayadin bears out,” That Indonesia has kompleksivitas the rising generation and student problem, which is in height narcotic abuse zoom and salving prohibited, free intercourse, deliver out and penganggguran ”.

Terminologicaling it that problem has to be solved by systematics and good strategy. One of, strategy to settle it is give special interest on the rising generation school age.

How forms and that special interest? This book as one of its answer.

Book that its thick 311 page it constitutes to usufruct reflections, experience and reviews critical writer on various reality universalizes Indonesia education be next to be proveded with various relevant reference( reference suitably and on the nose – red).

In essentials is how child school age (student), including mahasiwa startup semester can make its future map. And divides parent, particularly learns and associate can become partnet on the nose utilised.

Opus writes that demulcent and delicate being read it consisting of three a part:

First, writer clarifies to hit PMD'S aim and benefit (My Future map), who that as its target, scope and supporting from PMD (My Future map). Then PMD'S reality (My Future map) that own. Worded, Future Map reality me( PMD) are copy and future dream, idealistical formula and ways wends future, and Your future frame (Indonesian student).

So, that thing departed of simple question, which is ” Was its clear wills be what and who at future? Then how you formulate the way, make ready and trips it?.” One that clear, this book your shepherd.

And one more importantly is how to take a decision person. Here you cannikin understand steps make decision and decide it, particularly hits studi and career.

One of critical note of that writer “ Not one study even or functioning material enrich knowledge and student and college student science about job and career the world.

To it, it sees the importance for maximize function and headmaster role, subject teacher, and preferably BP's teacher.

A part both of, You come in on part technicaling to make PMD (My Future map). You are led how know work, profession and career who that you will geluti.

How is environmental memahamai job market, yen, personality and your intelligence. Then you are asked out how choose (mengambila is decision) profession and career bases character and personality factor and previous intelligence. Then tech makes decision be added by strategy approaching to reach for all that.

Succeeding stage, how forms three supports at a swoop strategy get it. There is 3 needed support by each student namely: spiritual's morale, significant financial, and mentorship.

From here then you shall know time management that also been presented this book. Then, writer words determination where you study and reach for career, including determine interest and your knowledge discipline, and how trip studi's term effectively.

And last works to accord your interest. Its excitement binds books it, you also get instrument (inventory) to block out studi and future.

Epilogue, consisting of epilogue fomentation and that tips PMD what does you formulate to be still constitute tentative's formula (while) idealistic and way reaches for it. Life dynamics makes you for always merefleksikannya.

One expression is of important from Dr. Fasli Jalal in its preface at this book declares for:

“ Book that gets title “ my FUTURE MAP ” so relevant with UNESCO'S idea about four education pillars( learning to Learn, learning to Do, learning Live together, and learn Tobe).

Explicit ala binds books it to describe about steps make decision and planning about studi and profession for the future the better since at schooled stool. Blocking out studi and profession constitutes a skill live, (life skill) one that necessary for one any one. Via good studi planning, expected by student utilizes time get school effectively.

Such too parent that issue education cost, can memperolah maximal benefit of investment that is issued.

It as toned as with what does be passed on by Drs.M. Paradise, M. Pd, my interrupts director Madrasah and Religion Education on Schooled Common (Mapenda) Departement is RI's Religion on binds books it. “To students idealistical is expectation that motivates for everlastingly rigid deep learned or strove for knowledge. And to reach ciat that goal is needful struggle and planning strategy that steady.

Both of that thing, namely idealistical (to the effect charges knowledge) and strategy in achieving each aspiration, constitute two highlights besides hard-earned, since just in this way bright future will be reached for.

Aspiration without planning and strategy is superfluous, since a variety resource which is issued deep sail through education the world and good learning at schooled and also outside sekolkah not deliver someone to reach to the effect it.

This book shows promise to parent, educator,and students that as early as maybe formulate aspiration that realistik and planning and strategy to reach for it.

Via instrument my Future Map Indonesian student gets to formulate work,profession and career and strategy reaches for it since stills at schooled stool.

That thing is momentous to reach for the end (ending of study) the better in order to create bright future ”.


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